Saturday, 15 September 2012

SQL Injection Authentication ByPass on Mutillidae

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In this post, I will write about SQL Injection bypass on Mutillidae.

  1. Open http://localhost/mutillidae/?page=login.php
  2. Insert single quote in the form username and form password
    You can see that some errors appears
    From the error, we know that the query of SQL is :
    SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE username=''' AND password='''
    To begin the attackt, we need to modify this query. I will using this query for input username and password :
    x' OR '1'='1
    Now, enter the query above into username and password form.
  3. Wow, I'm loggin as admin


  1. IN METASPLOITABLE... when i make de void field, or put a quote, i get the error that it is suposed to get, BUT i get another errors that are not documented for what i can see... can you help me? if you are still cheking the post... i se de table with the errors and below i see this (no screencap)

    WARNING: Cannot modify header information - headers alreadysent by (output started at /var/www/mutullidae/index.php on line 148

    the above repeats for lines 254 255 256...

    i checked the lines, seems to be ok... let me know if u can help me please...

  2. Make sure your installation is correctly.
    I tried to download the latest mutillidae Version: 2.3.12 , configure the database and SQL Injection worked for me.
    Hope this help.


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