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Installing Nessus on BackTrack 5

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What is "NESSUS"?

Nessus is designed to examine from small to large networks quickly and can be used for a single host (only one IP address). Developed by Tenable Network Security. The focus of the examination conducted by the Nessus is in the patch of the operating system and the ports open so worried cause latency to the network.

Nessus can be obtained for free here, select the version of Nessus for Home. Maximum checks for the Home version is up to 16 hosts and don't get support from Tenable. The advantages in terms of Nessus is a web-based operation that allows users to operate it.

How to ...

  1. Download Nessus here, BackTrack 5 based on Ubuntu 10.04, so you should choose Ubuntu 9.10 / Ubuntu 10.04 distribution.
  2. Install Nessus using this command :
    root@bt # dpkg -i Nessus-5.0.1-ubuntu910_i386.deb
    dpkg is debian package manager
    -i is option for install
    Nessus-5.0.1-ubuntu910_i386.deb is file name of NEssus installer
  3. Start Nessus by run this command :
    root@bt# /etc/init.d/nessusd start
  4. Open your favorite browser (chrome or firefox recommended) and open url
  5. Follow the instruction, and register your Nessus here

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