Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Creating Penetration Test Laboratory

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If we want to learn about information security, we need the target.
So we should builds penetration test laboratory. The big question is "Why we not try at the real world?"
The simple answer is "We don't want to do illegal pentest".
After installing Virtualbox on Backtrack, we need to setup the vulnerable machine. For example Microsoft Windows XP SP3. Ok lets begin...

  1. Open your Virtualbox, StartMenu -> System -> Oracle Virtual Box
  2. Click the New button

  3. Press the Next button on the New Virtual Machine Wizard
  4. Fill the Name, Operating System type and Version type.

  5. Press the Next button
  6. Select your Memory size for virtual machine (default is okay) and press the Next button

  7. On the Virtual Hard Disk dialog, please check the Startup Disk and Create New Disk

  8. Check VDI (Virtual Disk Image) for the File Type and press the Next button

  9. Check Dynamically Allocated for Storage Detail

  10. Select your virtual hardisk size (10GB recommended) and press the Next button

  11. Press the Create button
  12. After Virtual Machine has been build, we need to install windows operating system on it. Please press the Setting button

  13. Select "Storage" in the left panel
  14. Select the "Empty" disc in the center panel, and then click the disc icon in the right panel and click "Choose a virtual CD/DVD"
  15. Select the *.ISO disc of Windows XP SP3
  16. Click OK
  17. Click the Start icon
  18. Windows XP Installation starting, wait until windows installation done

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