Monday, 29 October 2012

How to get pwnOS IP Address

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Yesterday, I was learn about pwnOS. The vulnerable operating system for penetration testing lab. Then I trying to run the pwnOS in VMware, after booting and login prompt appear any question in my mind. What is the IP address on pwnOS?

Trying to scan from backtrack machine using nmap, but nothing found. Then I try to open pwnOS using virtual box, and then scaning again using nmap and finally I got it. From the problem before, I indicating that VMware doesn't giving IP address on PWNOS before we login into pwnOS system.
But in virtual box, the IP will be given before we login into pwnOS.

So, the conclusion is :

If we are using VM Ware, we need to login into pwnOS system to get the IP address, but
If we are using VirtualBox, we don't need login to get IP address.

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