Friday, 26 October 2012

Linux Tools for Digital Forensic

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Here is common tools are used for digital forensic in Linux,

# DD

The DD tool is used for clone the device like hard-drive. DD will clone the device look like the original device. If the size of device is 500GB so the result of clone is 500GB too.
The command for DD clone :
# dd if=/dev/sda of=/tmp/forensic
if : input file
of: output file


Fdisk commonly used for hard drive partition. In digital forensic, you can use fdisk for craving information in the device.
# fdisk -ul /path/of/clonning/device


MD5SUM usually used for getting hash of device or file. With md5sum, you can keep the integrity of your digital evidence.
The command for md5sum :
# md5sum file_or_device


XDD used for getting the byte offset. Using XDD is easily to get the offset of file.
The command is :
# xxd clone_images

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