Friday, 14 September 2012

Information Gathering Advanced

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In this post I will share about Information Gathering Advanced. The tools are Maltego, Shodanhq, and Google Hacking.

  1. Maltego is tools for Information Gathering with the most wanted feature.
    To open Maltego, please goto Start Menu->Backtrack->Information Gathering->Web Application Annalisis->Open Source Analysis->Maltego

    If you want to check some thing about email, domain, ip, or name server you can do it easily. Drag and drop icon in the left panel into main area. Click and view on the right panel for propertis, you can change the value as needed.

    Finally, Right click on the icon and select Run Transform->All Transform
  2. Scanning using Google Hacking, you can read the manual here
  3. Scanning using ShodanHQ, the search engine for computer, router and exploit. Please visit here

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