Friday, 9 November 2012

Slax v.110

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# Information Gathering

In this part, I will IG the target using Nmap with the command :
# nmap -sS -A
and return the result ->

# Service Enumeration

FTP (vsftpd)
CUPS Print

# Vulnerability Assesment

From the Information Gathering and Service Enumeration result, we know that FTP are allowed the user to login anonymously. May be we can get some interesting file inside.

Before, I have trial to get each file on it. But I'm intersting with core file.
Download it and open it, I'm opened it using cat, look scream...
Try to open it with 'strings' command, w00t we got the string of shadow file.
Now separated the shadow string and the other, copy the shadow string and copy it into text editor.

# Exploitation

Now time to crack the shadow, I used John THe Ripper to do this job. And finally, we got it. Enjoy!

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